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Opening Day

Posted by jackboottapdance on September 15, 2009

Opening day. A great day every year. I couldn’t seem to get to sleep last night, as expected. I bounced right out of bed when the alarm went off at 0345 though.

It is hard to explain this time to someone who doesn’t love being outdoors. There is an owl hooting in the distance, and frogs and crickets chirping in the trees. I saw a meteorite while we were at the sign in board. There is just enough light to see the logging road this stand is on, and I can make out the clearing in front of me. It is too dark to know what the various sounds are that I hear around me, and that makes it perfect. The hour, in a deer stand waiting for daylight, is probably my favorite hour.

Daylight comes slowly, revealing the area.

At about 7:40 am a group of wild turkey makes their way through feeding.

They returned again around 10:30 am, and spent about 45 minutes feeding and dusting. It was a really neat experience to watch them.

I didn’t see any deer in the morning, and about 11:30 we went and grabbed some lunch. We took a ride to the back section of the lease where ther is some logging going on, and it was amazing to see how steep some of the areas are.

At 1:30 pm, we got in the stands for the evening hunt. Here is La Cincuenta in the trees stand and ready for action.

It was very hot and quiet until about 6pm, when Sean radioed me to tell me he could see 3 does in the road between our stands. I never saw them, but at about 6:30 I heard footsteps in the woods off to my left up the logging road. At 6:45 I looked through the trees to my left and saw a doe coming around the stand of trees I had my stand in. I got ‘La Cincuenta’ into position and shot when she stepped into a lane in the trees, about 17 yards away. She ran at the shot, and I found her about 65 yards down the hill. A very nice 2 1/2 year old doe in very good health.

This was my first opening day deer, in my fourth full season deer hunting. In fact, this is the first deer I have taken in September, and the second with the muzzle loader.

It was another wonderful day in the woods.


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