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La Cincuenta de muerte

Posted by jackboottapdance on September 11, 2009

Well, this year I will be hunting exclusively with my muzzle loader. With the unfortunate passing of ‘el treinta treinta’ (my Winchester Model 94 .30-30), I had to make a change in primary hunting arm.

However, a word of tribute is due:

‘El treinta treinta’ was originally purchased as a carrot to encourage my step-son. That plan didn’t work out, so I hunted with it. I took my first deer with the old Winchester, experienced the pain of my first lost deer with her, and shared some great times afield with her. I took a beautiful Grey Fox with ‘el treinta treinta’ as well. Our last hunt, last year, took place in a torrential down pour. I cleaned the rifle afterward, but apparently didn’t get the chamber completely dry. Inspecting the rifle in anticipation of deer season revealed the dreadful news. El treinta treinta had passed*. She will be missed, and the deer stand will not be quite the same without her.

La Cincuenta joined the family a couple years ago. I was a member of a hunting club at the time, and wanted to hunt during ‘primitive weapons’ season. So I ordered a CVA Wolf muzzle loader in .50 caliber. I took a large doe with her during that first season, on the opening day of ML season in fact. But then I returned to hunting with ‘el treinta treinta’ again, taking my deer last season with the old Winchester, and La Cincuenta took a long break.

Well, after going to the range last night to check zero on the CVA, a new and exotic moniker** was in order. First shot was dead on at 25 yards, and a ‘what the heck’ shot at 100 yards was well within ‘minute of deer’, hitting just right of center on the target. Not too shabby with 40+ year old eyes and iron sights. So the reign of ‘La Cincuenta de muerte’ begins.

* ‘el trienta trienta’ may rise again, if I decide to have her rebarreled. As the rifle I took my first deer with, I’d really like to keep her around, perhaps one day to be passed on to a grandson (or granddaughter) who wants to hunt with “Papa’s” rifle.

** okay, new and exotic for me.


2 Responses to “La Cincuenta de muerte”

  1. misangela said

    AWESOME! I take it that you also too Spanish in college. Although I have a Spanish major BA, I actually only had about 2.5 years of it and don’t remember much. I have a French minor and with 8 years of that, I remember much more.

    A .50 Cal!! PIX!!

    I’d get the Winchester fixed at some point. I hope you *do* have a grandDAUGHTER that likes to shoot! Grrl Powah! 🙂

    • jackboottapdance said

      I will take some pix and get them posted this weekend. With any luck, I’ll have after action photos as well!

      No Spanish classes, but Spanish speaking friends!

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